Abstracts illustrate the areas for discussion that participants will develop through extended conversations in the parallel workshops. Each workshop session will last one hour. Abstracts are posted as they arrive.

Collaborating or Cooperating in research CANCELLED
Belinda Yourn

Learning objects and online communities: Research issues in e-learning
Stanley Frielick

Story of value: researching values through narrative enquiry
Tony Harland, Neil Pickering, Mary McLaughlin

The evaluation paradox: incentives and inhibitions to learning in an evaluative culture.
Amanda Gilbert

Working with Electronic Repositories of Marked Student Work.
Eva Heinrich

Postgraduate Supervision: A Complex Task.
Kay Fielden

The use of psychotherapy concepts in higher education teaching.
Peter November

PBRF and Implications for Research in Higher Education.
Kay Fielden

Using scenarios as research media in higher education.
Dr Ed Errington

Communities of Practice as a model for E-learning.
Mandia Mentis

Maori in Western Institutions
Ngaire Rewarewa Wilson no Ngati Rongomaiwahine

Using concept mapping in tutorials: a teacher's perspective
Cathy M. Buntting, Alison M. Campbell

Meeting Staff Needs: A Mentoring Assistance Programme
Dr Kogi Naidoo and Gordon Suddaby

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