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Abstracts will be listed as they are received.

Researching with Academic Colleagues: Some Dilemmas
Barbara Grant, The University of Auckland

Welding Knowledge
Tony Harland, Alison Meldrum and Jules Kieser

The impact of tertiary teacher education : a fast-track to teaching excellence?
Mary Panko, Mark Barrow and Wendy Baker

How to light fires
Peter November, Victoria University of Wellington

The Aropa Project: A Study of Peer Assessment and Student Learning
John Hamer and Helen Sword, University of Auckland

Secondary Students’ Stories: Using ‘Numbers and Narratives’ in an integrated approach to ‘drop out’ and retention research
Chris Coutts, Northland Polytechnic

Developing Students’ Attributes for the Knowledge Era
Maria Avdjieva, University of Auckland

How NOT to use the library
Fran Skilton & Susan Eady, Unitec librarians

What counts as knowledge in formal courses in teaching and learning in higher education?
Sarah J. Stein, Higher Education Development Centre, University of Otago

New Millennium, new graduates: understanding the first wave of the Millennial Generation
Gabrielle Grigg, Nell Buissink-Smith, Rachel Spronken-Smith and Tony Harland, HEDC, University of Otago

Communicating expectations to first-year students: contested issues
Jacques van der Meer, Student Learning Centre, University of Otago

CD ROM based teaching resources: a response to specific learners needs
Lindsay Neill & David Williamson, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Auckland University of Technology

Pedagogy as Cartography: Creating a Learning Compass and Map for Personal and Professional Development
Billy O’Steen, University Centre for Teaching & Learning, University of Canterbury



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