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Conference 2006, The University of Canterbury


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Abstracts will be listed as they are received.

Pastoral Care or Programme Advice? The Student Advising Process
Rachel Spronken-Smith and Nell Buissink-Smith

Is there any knowledge out there? Painting the perfect student
Rob Wass and Tony Harland

Double Gazing: Ontology and Compliance in Qualitative Research
Tony Harland

Is research-informed teaching a sufficient justification for professional education in a university?
Alison Meldrum

Beyond “Sit and Get”: Experiential Education Theory and Practice in Teacher Education & Professional Development
Billy O’Steen

Could we, would we, should we? Teaching Affective Outcomes in tertiary education
Kerry Shephard

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL): What promotes, what prevents?
Peter Gossman and Neil Haigh

How can essential knowledge in higher education teaching and learning courses be articulated?
Sarah J. Stein, Rebecca Walker, Rachel Spronken-Smith

Transferring teaching expertise: What enables one person to succeed where another fails?
Rebecca Walker, Sarah J. Stein, Rachel Spronken-Smith

Towards an anatomy of academic development
Neil Haigh and Lindsay Neill

Singing opera underwater: Engaging students in the practical components of an applied course
Allan Sylvester, Val Hooper and Kathryn Sutherland

Around the World in 12 Weeks: Fostering student engagement in Tourism Lectures
Christian Schott and Kathryn Sutherland

Stakeholder Perspectives on Using E-Learning Tools for Essay-Type Assessment
Eva Heinrich and John Milne

Contributing Student Pedagogy: What, Why and How
John Hamer

Some gender issues in a post-experience taught management programme: An exploration of an online survey
Tony Hooper

The Challenge of Introducing a Teaching Innovation
Veronica Cahyadi and Phil Butler

Praxis-based research: learning stories as methodology
Elaine Mayo

The nexus is learning: Teaching and research in a knowledge ecology
Stanley Frielick



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