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Conference 2015 - Auckland University of Technology - 25 - 27 November


The conference will be based at Auckland University of Technology’s (AUT) Sir Paul Reeves Building The Sir Paul Reeves Building, which opened in early 2013, is a key development at AUT, incorporating the latest thinking in learning space design and specialist facilities for teaching and learning across a range of disciplines. Located at the corner of Mayoral Drive and Governor Fitzroy Place at Auckland University of Technology City Campus, this extensive complex includes a 12-floor tower, a plaza, glass atrium, and a green quad.

Below is a map of the campus, we will be based out of the WG building for all conference sessions except the conference dinner. The arrows on the map indicate the entrances to the WG Building, we recommend the top entrance in red as it leads straight onto level 4 which will be our base for the conference. Parallel sessions will be held in the tower of the building in some of the learning and teaching spaces. Click for a larger view of a map of Auckland University of Technology’s City Campus:

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Conference dinner location

The conference dinner will be held off-campus at The Oakroom (Thursday 26th November from 6.30pm) Situated in Victoria Park Market, one of Auckland's most historic and treasured landmarks - The Oakroom is a new bar in an old part of town (Freemans Bay/Ponsonby).

The Oakroom formerly a stable in the 1800's, has been carefully crafted in order to maintain a contemporary feel and enhance its natural and historic features, including an outdoor deck area.

For more information about The Oakroom please visit their website.

Getting there:

The Oakroom is at:

17 Drake Street
Victoria Park Market
Freemans Bay


You can get an Outer Link bus from outside the ASB Bank on the corner of Wellesley and Queen Streets. The Outer Link buses are an easy-to-spot orange colour, and they go every 15 minutes (and from that stop they leave on the o’clock and then every fifteen minutes after that). It is a short ride and should only take about five minutes, getting off at the Victoria Park stop (the bus audio system will tell you where you are!).
Please note: the Link buses run around and around in a loop, so please ensure you start the journey on the same side as the ASB Bank (the other side of the road will take you the other way around the loop and it could take over an hour to get there!).
To get from Wellesley St to Victoria Park will cost $2.50, there is also a bus going back in the other direction until 11pm.
For more information please visit the Auckland Transport website.


You can walk (up) and down Wellesley Street towards Victoria Park/Ponsonby. This will take approximately 20 minutes. The map below shows the best route to get to the location.


Auckland Co-op Taxis
09 300 3000

Corporate Cabs
09 377 0773

Green Cabs
0508 447 336




The organisers gratefully acknowledge the generous support of
Ako Aotearoa in making the conference more accessible to delegates.


  • Convenor: Dr Nellie Buissink
    Centre for Learning and Teaching, AUT
  • For all enquiries please contact Nellie, Pam and Emily at: ternz2015@gmail.com

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