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Conference 2011 - Victoria University of Wellington: November 23 - 25



Guidelines for Submitting Proposals

The TERNZ conference accepts proposals from researchers interested in any aspect of the study of higher education. There will be a total of 30 sessions in 5 parallel streams. Each session is 1 hour and will typically involve no more than 10 minutes for the researcher to present their work and 50 minutes in which to discuss the substantive issues that arise from it. Please think of this as a developmental exercise in which both the researcher and the participants are there to build new ideas and advance understanding.

The timings above are indicative only so please be creative in how you run your session. However, it is important to say that we wish to avoid the paper presentations typical of many conferences [See Philosophy ].

Sessions are of two types:

1. Submission of abstract for parallel sessions
All abstracts will be peer reviewed and 30 will be accepted for the conference. Please use the following headings:
a. Title
b. The research (250 words)
c. Why this topic is important (250 words)
d. How the session will be run (200 words)

Please submit your abstract by email to:
Tony Harland

2. Host groups
You will be assigned to a host group for the conference and these meet 4 times. The purpose of the group is to extend the conversations from the parallel sessions. Discussions in the groups are mediated by a facilitator and you may wish to be considered for this role. Please contact tony.harland@otago.ac.nz if you would like to facilitate a host group.

FRIDAY 28 October.





The organisers gratefully acknowledge the generous support of
Ako Aotearoa in making the conference more accessible to delegates.



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