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Conference 2016 - University of Otago - 30 November - 2 December


Conference Philosophy

This is a conference on teaching and learning research in higher and tertiary education that is open to academics from all disciplines. The theme of every TERNZ conference is learning in higher education: our learning, our students' learning, our colleagues' learning. The intention is that the form of the conference should not only enable us to talk about education, but that the experience itself will be educational. It is based upon the view that we as academics, just like our students, learn most effectively in an interactive setting in which our own experience is valued. The aims of the conference are:

  • to promote the idea that the most valuable research into learning and teaching is that which draws directly upon our work as learners and teachers from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds;
  • to explore new approaches to learning and teaching in a supportive environment;
  • to develop a critical perspective in the face of the current rapidly changing contexts of tertiary education;
  • to build a network of teachers in higher education who see their teaching as a valuable field for research.

With these aims in mind, TERNZ will be somewhat different from normal academic conferences or courses. There will be no paper presentations. Our thinking will not be led by "experts". Instead, themes will be developed through a series of more extended conversations in which all participants will have the opportunity to play an equal part.

Host groups

You will be automatically assigned to a host group for the conference and these small groups meet at regular intervals throughout. You are expected to attend and contribute to host group discussions. The purpose of the group is to provide a space to talk, meet other delegates, and extend the conversations from the parallel sessions. Discussions in the groups are guided by a facilitator, and the sessions are intended to be informal and enjoyable.




The organisers gratefully acknowledge the generous support of
Ako Aotearoa in making the conference more accessible to delegates.


  • Convenor:
    Dr Rob Wass
    University of Otago

  • Organising Committee:

  • Tony Harland, Candi Young, Stew Hibbert, Joanne Smith
  • For all enquiries please contact: ternz2016@gmail.com

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