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Abstract Review Process

The review process

TERNZ 2022 will be using a group-based review process. Abstracts will be assigned to review groups. The review group members initially review the abstracts individually before meeting as a group. In the group meetings all abstracts are discussed and review decisions are made. Feedback is compiled based on the review contributions of all review group members. The reviews will closely align with the abstract submission criteria

We are using a non-blinded approach. The review group members will see the author names and affiliations. We regard this as the right approach as it allows authors to include meaningful details about the contexts of their research. Together with the review outcomes authors will be informed of the identities of the review group members.Note there will only be one round of review and authors are expected to respond to the reviewers' comments in order to have their abstract accepted.

Our experiences with group-based review meetings have shown these as stimulating and valuable experiences, allowing reviewers to learn from each other and connect. We find that group-based reviews lead to balanced decisions and rich feedback for the authors. Each review group will be led by an experienced higher education researcher familiar with the TERNZ conference ethos. We will aim for four to five members per review group and are looking for a mixture of experience levels. 

Call for reviewers

We invite all members of the HERDSA community, from novice to experienced, to express their interest in reviewing for TERNZ 2022.
Review group members will be expected to read several abstracts and prepare draft review feedback for a subset of those abstracts before their review meeting. The review group members are invited to contribute to the discussions in the review group meeting. In line with their experience levels, review group members will draft the collated group feedback to authors for one or two abstracts.

The review group leaders will organise the meeting time for their review groups (to take place online sometime in early to mid-September, scheduled for about 90 minutes). The review group leaders will lead the discussions, establishing a constructive and welcoming atmosphere. They will ensure that all feedback to authors is composed appropriately and timely (to be completed before the end of September, date to be advised). The review group leaders will interact with the TERNZ review subcommittee to organise the review process and ensure quality outcomes.
The abstracts assigned to each review group will depend on the number of abstract submissions and reviewers. We are aware of the time commitment involved and will take care to prevent overloading individuals.

Reviewer Expression of Interest Form 

Closing date: 24th August 2022 

Please email completed form to Eva Heinrich This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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